About Jessica


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Jessica Barnes is a consultant who is dedicated to supporting and assisting people with moving past issues that are holding them back. Sometimes we need help figuring out what is holding us back from our goals in our life or our relationships. Jessica is skilled at pinpointing the stuck places, helping to process the emotion and releasing it so that you are able to move forward more effectively.

Jessica has over a decade of experience in education. Jessica began her study of human behavior at the University of California at Santa Cruz where she studied Psychology. After completing her Bachelor’s degree she received a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Jessica then went on to teach elementary and middle school classes in Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay area. She then went back to get her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

During graduate school she found the concept of Attachment Theory and knew immediately that this was the thing that she had been looking for to understand human relationships and behavior. So much of what we do and don’t do is related to our closest relationships. Using Emotional Freedom Technique Jessica is able to assist clients in feeling lighter emotionally, stronger mentally and more free in so many parts of their lives.

Jessica is a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Check the EFT page for more information.