Every person has a specific way of relating in romantic relationships. The Attachment Dating Seminar helps you not only understand your own way of relating but also what types of people that you are meeting. Centered in and developed from Attachment Theory, Attachment Dating helps people get to know their own attachment style so they can understand what they need in a fulfilling and healthy relationship. Attachment Dating also helps you assess the attachment styles of the people that you are meeting in the dating pool so that you can have a better chance of choosing a partner that can be long lasting. You can choose to attend the Attachment Dating Seminar or have individual sessions, or even better, do both!


Attachment Dating takes a nuanced approach at an age-old objective: the search for the soul mate.


So who benefits from Attachment Dating consulting?


If you have had trouble in past relationships, or have current relationship issues you would like to understand more fully. Regardless of why you need it, you will benefit greatly by understanding your attachment style as presented by Jessica Barnes.

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